PiC Supplies March 2011 PR

PDF Link: PiCSupplies_March_2011_PR


P.i.C. Supplies releases the AvPad iPad Kneeboard at Sun ‘n Fun 2011.

(Lakeland, FL – March 22, 2011) – P.i.C. Supplies has announced that they have started taking orders, in conjunction with the start of Sun ‘n Fun 2011, for the AvPad iPad Kneeboard. The AvPad, designed and hand-stitched in the U.S.A., will hold everything a pilot needs to go flying around the pattern or around the country.

The large front pocket will carry charts, plates, logbook, iPad charger, and/or an AF/D. The inside elastic straps will hold a notepad, checklist and sectional. The outside binding has a pen holder to carry a pen AND a stylus. The 2 inch breathable elastic leg strap wraps around the kneeboard securing the contents when not in use.

The ability to use either the notepad or the iPad as the primary writing surface, on either leg, allows the AvPad to be useful for both left and right-handed pilots. Probably the most useful feature, when not being used for flying is that it is also a full-time case. Michael Ladd, creator of the AvPad explains that, “A pilot no longer has to switch from an iPad case, to a kneeboard for flight, then back to a case again.” The ability to charge the iPad when the kneeboard was not in use was one of the primary concerns in the design phase. Mr. Ladd explains, “To have access to all ports and buttons, open or closed, was a key component of the original design.”

P.i.C. Supplies is also very proud to be donating a portion of every AvPad sold to Pilots ‘n Paws to help offset their cost of saving hundreds of animals and transporting them to new homes.

Stop By their booth at Sun ‘n Fun in Hangar E, Booth 35. Additional product and ordering information can be found at the P.i.C. Supplies website at http://www.PiCSupplies.com or by E-mail at info@PiCSupplies.com. Information on Pilots ‘N Paws can be found at http://www.PilotsNPaws.org

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