About US

We are pilots. We love to fly. We also love using the iPad in the cockpit. When the iPad was originally announced in 2010 it seemed logical to find a way to use the iPad in the cockpit. When ForeFlight announced they were building a version of their award-winning software for the iPad, a kneeboard was a must have to use the iPad in flight. At the time no one else had a kneeboard available for the iPad, so we set out to make our own.

We had some specific criteria in the iPad kneeboard we wanted to use. First, it had to be a full-time case. We didn’t want to switch from a case to a kneeboard and back to a case every time we wanted to go flying. Second, we needed access to all ports and buttons while in the case. Last, we needed to be able to carry a notepad, pen, backup charts/plates and power supply.

What we came up with is the AvPad iPad Kneeboard. Released in March, 2011 at Sun ‘N Fun, the AvPad allows you to carry everything you should already be flying with, in addition to the iPad. The front pocket will also allow you to carry extra accessories. From a charging cable and 12 volt adapter all the way up to the new Stratus ADS-B device. It can be used with the iPad on either leg, with the iPad upside down in the case (for using a Bad Elf plug-in GPS), and even in a table-top configuration.

This is the kneeboard we wanted to fly with. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.