Clearance – AvPad for the Original iPad is on sale

We dropped the price of the AvPad for the Original iPad to $65. Pick one up for someone you know with an original iPad. It’s great for anyone who uses an iPad. From the desk to the boardroom to the cockpit to the couch.

(will not fit the iPad2, only the original iPad)

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2-Day Shipping now Available for AvPad orders

Just in time for the holidays, we are now providing a 2-Day Shipping option for AvPad orders in the US. The AvPad is an iPad kneeboard AND case for pilots to use their iPad in-flight. The AvPad provides access to all ports & buttons. The iPad does not have to be removed from the kneeboard when you are done flying, and can be carried with your everywhere, just like a regular folio case for the iPad.

The AvPad features an outside pen loop so you can carry a pen and a stylus at the same time. Elastic straps on the inside to hold a note pad, charts, papers, checklists, or anything else you need to have access to while in use. The huge front pocket allows you to carry your logbook, charging cables, external GPS, back up battery or car charger, or any combination of these items.

Models available for BOTH the original iPad and iPad2.

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AvPads for iPad 2 are in!

We had boxes of AvPads for the iPad 2 show up on our doorsteps this weekend, a few days earlier than expected. Get them while they last!

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AvPad for the iPad 2 are back in stock!

Get them while they last!


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AvPad kneeboards for iPad 2 sold out

After an amazing response at EAA Airventure in Oshkosh we are currently sold out of the AvPad iPad Kneeboard for the iPad 2. We should have more in stock in about 2 weeks. We will post again here with a definite date as soon as we get one from our manufacturer.
We do still have models that fit the original iPad in stock.

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The AvPad for iPad 2 is Available for Purchase

In our store, you will now find the AvPad for iPad 2 available for purchase. We have a limited supply available after the amazing response at EAA Airventure, but our manufacturer is currently making more. So if supply runs out on the site, we should have more in a week to ten days. Please be patient as we try to fulfill everyone’s request for the AvPad for iPad 2.

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